Inertia Brakes make this trailer a dream to pull...

Meyer sport motorcycle touring trailer
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Enhancing the comforts of touring without diminishing the joy of motorcycling 
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Why hinder your motorcycles performance with a lesser trailer? Carry all the comforts you want in a trailer that looks like it belongs there, while riding a bike that handles like you're out for a Sunday ride.  
The Meyers model is designed to be the safest, best handling, easiest pulling touring trailer made.
On their 1st time pulling a Meyers model:
"I really kinda pushed it through Hells Canyon on the way home. Lots of fast corners, a couple quick stops. I couldn't even feel it  back there. A Rider stopped when we did and said, "that trailer tracks right with your bike, there's just no wag at all". 

 Russ 785-713-1644     Ryan 785-370-2586
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Paintwolf Custom Trailers LLC since 2016
Designed to perform with your motorcycle.        
  • A rotational hitch and low center of gravity for excellent cornering. 
  • Correct length and weight distribution for straight line trailing and corner recovery. 
  • Gas charged coil over shocks with tall motorcycle wheels provide exceptionaly smooth travel. 
  • An ultra sensitive brake system that integrates seamlessly with your bikes deceleration. 
  • The aerodynamic body diminish's wind resistance while increasing downward pressure at high speeds.
  • Quality components insure reliability and almost zero maintenance
                                         The handling of our meyers trailer is amazing.